Tuesday, 14 May 2013


DURING the rounds in the Luyang Constituency, the new Luyang Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu and his team spotted a near collapse bus stand in the Luyang Phase 1 which is behind the famous Luyang Restaurant.

The bus stand is believed to have been knocked by some passing-by vehicles or lorry. Its roof is in a bad shape and it posed danger to the people who are waiting for their buses every day here. The DBKK should send someone to come quickly rectify and to repair the bus stand before it hurts someone.

The people in the Foh Sang shops also complained that someone had chopped the twenty over tress planted by the DBKK just outside the shops and next to the Jalan Kolam.

They said the trees are growing nicely and suddenly they were chopped right down to the ground. This came as a surprise to the people here and they were angry on why suddenly the trees were cut down.

The DBKK said they were also surprise to see the trees planted by them were chopped down. DBKK had made enquiry to SESB thinking that it could be due to the overhead power lines, but SESB said they did not cut them down. 

Then who else can come to cut the trees. DBKK also said they were about ready to trim down the trees so that these trees will have a better shape and looking nice, and now it is too late to do so.

Hiew said it is not logical that someone can simply come to chop the trees down. Therefore an investigation must be conducted quickly. The trees were planted for the purpose to shade the morning hawkers from the hot sun and to shield the dust coming from the road, and now the trees are all gone. The DBKK now needs to replant the trees and rates payer money has to be spent again.

There are plenty to do in the Luyang area, and Hiew said he will tackle one by one and to ensure things are put right first. He also said that he and his team will make regular rounds in Luyang area to inspect the problems.

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