Tuesday, 7 May 2013


REPRESENTATIVES..... PKR Elected representatives Datuk Wilfred M Bumburing of Tamparuli and Darell Leiking of Penampang immediately getting down to business as elected members of the opposition PR.


IT CAN'T be denied that the result of the just concluded 13th general election is against the elctoral mood of the majority of the people who have voice out their sentiments of change.

This sentiments for change was overshadowed by the massive amount of money being used and distributed on the eve of polling day.  The manipulation of a huge number of illegals immigrants who have been issued myKad under the Projek IC was among the major set back for the opposition candidates.

We have recieved reports on massive amount of money being distributed to the electorates in the Sulaman constituency under the Tuaran Parliamentary constituency on the eve of polling day.

We are now gathering eveidences to prove this allegations. Because of this, I lost the Tuaran Parliamentay seat although I won in Kiulu and Tamparuli.

I will continue the agenda for change, fighting for justice and equality for every Malaysian and work closely with the other components of Pakatan Rakyat to ensure that the people's interest will be championed at all cost.

I therefore call upon the BN government to carry out and implement their moral obligation to fulfill their promises to the people as outlined intheir manifesto.

All the elected members for both houses, parliament and state assembly, will work together to audit from time to time the performance of all the BN elected representative.

We also want to see the continuation of the task givennto the RCI on illegal immigrants and the final elimination of the PTI with myKads and those who have been registered as voters.

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