Thursday, 2 May 2013


VISION .....Limus Jury (far right) together with Prime Minister Najib Razak (centre), Chief Minister Musa Aman (second left), Beaufort Parliamentary seat candidate Azizah Dun (second right) and Klias State seat candidate Isnin Aliasnih (far left) at a recent Meet-the-People event in Kuala Penyu.

BARISAN Nasional's Kuala Penyu candidate Limus Jury will give education his top priority attention should he be elected in the upcoming election.

The first-time candidate pledged that if elected, his assemblyman's salary and allowances will go toward an educational fund that he will set up for the youths in Kuala Penyu.

Limus, who spoke at a meeting with BN candidates Datuk Azizah Dun and Isnin Alisanih - both contesting for the Beaufort Parliamentary seat and the Klias State seat respectively - stressed the importance of education for the children of Kuala Penyu.

Limus said that the educational fund will sponsor the education of children in Kuala Penyu from their primary school years  until they enter higher learning institutions.

"We need to prepare a line of future leaders who can compete at the global level so that we are not simply known as 'jaguh kampung' (village champions)," he stressed.

Limus, who is a successful businessman, will also strive to produce more successful entrepreneurs from Kuala Penyu should he be elected.

"I am willing to teach and share my experience in the construction sector with anyone who wants to be a successful entrepreneur," he said.

Limus added that he saw potential in many of the youths in Kuala Penyu who only need guidance, and that he is willing to provide it to ensure that they can improve their socio-economic situation.  (Insight Sabah)

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