Sunday, 5 May 2013



THE ALLEGATIONS of rigging, tainted electoral rolls and now flying dubious voters from Sabah to KL are reaching epidemic proportion. This is how uprising started, flung enough dirt and you will have enough shit excuses to start an uprising when you found yourself at the losing end.

The logistical nightmare is just unbelievable to move 30,000 people from KK to KL and back over a period of 2/3 days.

You need 150 flights of Boeing 747-400, not forgetting board, lodging and busing, to and fro, voting centres.

MAS has only 94 planes of different models and configurations. Using MAS planes will disrupt its entire international/domestic flights.

Of course, with money you can charter the planes from other companies, but it is almost impossible to charter 20/30 wide-bodied planes over such short notice.

Well done, Anwar Ibrahim, you have really made my day. 

Send your men to the airports to video tape all the flights and use it as evidence when the general-election is over.

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