Wednesday 30 November 2011


COLLAPSED…. Jamil showing the collapsed road section.

THE COLLAPSED section of road which posed danger to motorist was not repaired after almost two years. The dangerous big hole on the road is in Kg Melikai near Menumbok and 53 KM from Beaufort.

There is heavy traffic flow on this busy road especially this is the road linking to the Labuan/Menubok Ferry terminal from Beaufort. Every day there are heavy trucks, buses, mini buses and many cars traveling on this road, and the people here complained that there was few accidents happened here already in the past due to the collapsed section of the road.

The Sabah DAP Beaufort branch chairman Jamil Zakaria has visited the site and saw the deep hole on the road. He said by putting a few warning drums and some red ribbons around the collapsed road section is not good enough. He wanted the JKR to come to immediately repair the road.

The whole stretch of the Beaufort Menumbok has started to crack up and many parts of the road surface have failed and became deep depressions. The maintenance work and the repair work on the road surface were not done properly, and have already cracked up or heaved up shortly after.

Jamil said if the JKR continue to do the work like this very soon the whole road will break up and become impassible. He question a road which is quite new and used for only a few years, now is filled with patches of repair every where. The work quality and standard must have problem, may be the contractor had not done his work properly or the design standard was not followed. The road construction is Sabah is known to be like ‘Taufoo’, and this is a typical case.

Jamil requests the JKR to redo this road once for all and must save the life of the motorist.

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