Sunday, 29 April 2012


KK ANJUNG SENJA eateries stores along the KK Water Front and in front of the Wawasan Plaza has faced many problems with its facilities and installation. This was revealed by the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu during his inspection conducted last night with the Sabah DAP Vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie and the Kudat leader Orong Sahap after receiving complaints from the general public and food stores operators here.

The Anjung Senja water front food stores is under the DBKK and this is only opened not long ago. The various problems started to appear soon after, and the people here are not happy with the facilities that caused much dismay and discomforts.

They complained to the MP Hiew that the tables fixed with seats are so fragile and soft that it will collapse anytime. It will be worst when seated with four people, the whole table is shaky and unstable. Many seats have came loss and fallen off, leaving some sharp metal edges which can cut the back side of a person. 

The timber made garden tables is not suitable for these food stores and it is very difficult to sit and clean up. when drinks are spilled, the whole leg will be wet, and you can not even put your cup of drink safely on the timber table without toppling over.

There is no wash basin provided in the food stores here for the customers to wash their hands before and after food, and the operators are using small pots to provide water for hand wash.

There no proper dish washing area and room to store the broom, these are put in the open area and look ugly enough. The roof is so short and unable to shade the tables during rain and shine. It will be necessary to provide canopy roof to give additional shading. The lights here have problems of falling down due to bad fixing and wiring, and this needed immediate action before someone is hurt.

The ventilation and smoke extraction system in the kitchen is not functioning well and customers are affected by the strong oily smell of cooking. There is no grease-trap installed in the kitchen and food grease and oil are not removed before getting into the drains. The mill steel grating covering the drains are emitting foul smell which affects the customers, and these has to be covered with plastic sheet to stop the bad smell.

The timber board walk in front of the food stalls has become idle, and is built for nothing, because there is no one walking there anyway. The people suggested to the MP that the tables and chairs should be placed out there because it will be more comfortable and away from the crowded stalls area. 

We eat here is because we want to enjoy the sea breezes and the sea view, and not packed in a crowded esting area, otherwise we will choose to go to a restaurant instead. For the people who wish to take a leisure walk, there is still a long stretch of board walk nearer to the flag posts and open ground.

Mp Hiew said the people's view is correct and he hopes the DBKK can view this seriously to improve the facilities and to bring about a better and conducive eating environment. The quality of the food provided by the food stalls here is advisable to be upgraded especially in their setting, taste, and varieties to attract our valued tourists. 

More lights are needed to shine the place, to give it some life and a good look. At the moment, it looks dull and non attractive at all. DBKK should remember that you are charging the people here some expensive rental, therefore, it is fair that you should give them the right facilities and environment for them to earn you the rentals. We, the KK folks also like to have a nice place to go too. (DAP Media)


  1. Perbaiki lagi kemudahan untuk keselesaan pengunjung.

  2. KK anjung senda yang dahulu lebih cantik dan menarik berbanding sekarang.

  3. Kelemahan harus diperbaiki.

  4. kelengkapan harus diperbaiki sedangkan sewa juga dibayar.

  5. The timber made garden tables is not suitable for these food stores and it is very difficult to sit and clean up. when drinks are spilled, the whole leg will be wet, and you can not even put your cup of drink safely on the timber table without toppling over.

    Semoga pihak berkuasa dapat terima komen dan membaiki yang terbaik untuk penyewa dan pengguna.

  6. Suasana tempatan harus diperbaiki untuk menjamin keselesaan semasa menjamu.

  7. Yang penting kebersihan dan keselesaan harus dijaga.

  8. Masalah "kekurangan" harus diperbaiki lagi.

    1. DBKK harus lebih teliti dalam hal tu

  9. Rakyat memerlukan suasana yang lebih selesa untuk makan.

  10. tindakan segera harus diambil oleh DBKK

  11. Apa pun pasti akan tindakkan susulan mengenai perkara ini.

  12. semua la dia mahu komplen.. yang peliknya, semua peniaga mampu pula berniaga seperti biasa.. dapat juga untung setiap hari/bulan.. malah ramai juga pengunjung yang singgah di kawasan itu..

  13. kalau edward dan hiew mahu makan, makan saja la.. berhenti la buat komplen.. mula2 saja nampak ikhlas.. lama2 macam mengada2 pula komplen dorang ni..