Saturday 28 April 2012


INSIPIRED.....Gothic inspired dress from Limkokwing student Shahnar of Iran.


IT WAS a bit like an episode of Fame when students from the Limkokwing University's Fashion and Lifestyle Design Academy, danced, sang and modelled to an enthusiastic Suria KLCC crowd, recently.

Their infectious energy was something you'd except from a dedicated school of performing arts.

And natural stage presence was the name of the game that night - all the students looked as if they were born to be on stage.

Datuk Tiffanee Lim, associate vice president for Talent Development of Limkokwing, believes the Limkokwing environment makes students feel more confident and at an ease.

The high-energy show was a fitting climax to the Suria KLCC fashion week.

The university's multinational students added a global feeling to the event, as there were talents from 15 countries.

FASHION......Limkokwing students show off their military a fashion context

One of the international students was tourism management second year student, Malika Queen from Kazakhstan, who modelled on stage and said she had so much fun doing it.

The students modelled evening gowns, military collections, East and west inspired collections designed by students and ex-students alike.

One particular ex-student, designer Rico Rinaldi said, "The models really did a job with my clothes. It's great to be back and feel the energy again. There are not many people who can display this type of enthusiasm," he said.

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