Friday 27 April 2012


My fellow Sabahans,

WITH less than 48hours for Bersih Sabah 3.0 and 'Duduk Bantah' in the historic Padang Merdeka 2804, all I can think about is our immediate future, our state - our nation of Sabah.

With so much things going through everyone's mind, the opposition to Bersih 3.0, the ignorance of it's main issue & the playing up of fear into the hearts of sovereign individuals; the fact remains that everyone of us clearly still wants one common thing - fairness and equality.

The youths, sovereign sons and daughters of this rich land is pressed by a system that does not want them, that does not want us, you and me, to experience absolute freedom. We have been raised up into a system where the rich elites, dirty politicians, hidden hands in power control everything; even our thoughts.

This massive brainwash, in greek, which means 'the control of the mind' is called The Government. Many years I have been dreaming of a day when Sabahan youths & elders gather for one day to celebrate true freedom for Sabah. This has always been hindered, partly because those who are enslaved never realize even to see the shackles on their feet or notice the handcuffs on their wrists.

Brainwash and conditioned by the controlling mainstream media, they never may nor perhaps never will every see how their lives are hanging on a string - puppets by the very people they elect into power. This power that was given is abused. For countless years the same tactic is used to suppress the people - the continuous injection fear. This has to stop. Fullstop.

How we do it, is to do the same to the them, the small group of elites, the corrupt people in power. And the way to do it is by injecting fear into them instead. The fear that I am talking about is not abuse, oppression, suppression nor intimidation; the very tools that they use against us all throughout our lives. It is something different, something new to them.

Know what it is? It is the awakening - the realization that we no longer want to live in their corrupt system. Its is this awakening that we are the greatest thing that ever existed in this whole wide universe, the best and most precious creation ever created by our Creator. We were born to experience absolute freedom but somehow it has taken us lifetimes to truly understand it.

Our enemy, is not fellow man. It is the corrupt system that corrupt men control and protect. This Saturday, when we walk together, protect each other, speak up and shout, raise our banners and signs together; we will understand that the only way to destroy this system is to inject FEAR into it.

It comes as a from of a simple word. That word is BERSIH. We will inject this word deeply into the system and we will win. We will win back God's gift to us all - Freedom. Lastly, I believe in you, that you will believe in yourself. I know you are a little nervous and so you shall pray.

When you do, and God answers you, it is because you have faith in Him. If you have prayed and God has not answered you, it is because that He already has all the FAITH IN YOU. So come on, lets win this one together. Lets win this for our future.




  1. He will not abandon His people. Have faith and let He works for it.

  2. Hopefully it will be a peaceful assembly.

  3. I'm sorry, but I see nothing in this about advocating a clean and fair electoral system. Not even about the Election Commission. In fact, statements like these—

    "This massive brainwash, in greek, which means 'the control of the mind' is called The Government."

    are clearly too partisan for a non-partisan movement like Bersih. Should I understand this sentiment to be representative of Bersih or just of this speaker?

    If it's the former, do these statements go through any consideration process by Bersih before being associated to the Bersih cause? And if it's just the speaker, then I'm curious why he chose not to focus on free and fair elections.

  4. perhimpunan bersih kali ini sangt kecoh, byk kerosakan berlaku di Dataran Merdeka. ini bukan lagi perhimpunan aman.

    1. Massage aman tu tidak tercapai oleh BERSIH

  5. BERSIH sudah berlalu dan BERSIH di Sabah berjalan dengan aman tetapi BERSIH di KL berakhir seperti rusuhan.

  6. Sejarah yang buruk bagi BERSIH. Kerana pasti BERSIH tidak dapat mengawal orang mereka.

  7. kenapa perlu buat di seluruh dunia?? spr Malaysia mengendalikan pilihanraya di seluruh dunia ka??

  8. Ambiga masih belum menafikan atau buat penjelasan mengenai dakwaan bahawa perhimpunan Bersih ini dibiayai oleh kuasa asing.. jika benar dakwaan ini, bermakna Malaysia berada dalam kedudukan bahaya..