Friday 27 April 2012


BOTOX!.... Huh?Datuk Sheila Majid answering questions during a performance


DATUK Sheila Majid, evergreen singer cum national treasure, is a natural woman. She told a restaurant full of secretaries she doesn’t believe in botox.

"Anything that's man-made has life span. You may look good after the botox but what happens years down the road?"

The 47-year-old added that she exercises, eats right  and does pilates to keep slim and maintain her stamina.

Sheila said this during songs at a performance at the revolving restaurant Atmosphere 360, where she sang her monster hits and took pictures with secretaries.

She sang the hits Dia, Lagenda, Antara Anyir dan Jakarta, Sinaran and a cover of the standard Can’t Take My Eyes of You.

It was more of a casual sing-along in the company of friends than a full-on performance.

She said that the show was for the secretaries to know her a little better. She even took questions from the secretaries.

Besides the botox question, another secretary asked what her husband Acis calls her.

“When we were dating it was baby, then soon it was babe. Now it’s just mum!”

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