Saturday 28 April 2012



THE POLICE are seeking assistance from the public on a case involving a local man suspected of having committed fraud amounting to RM103,500. District Police Chief, Deputy Superintendent Zahari Mohamed yesterday said the suspect, known as Alinjinin Louis @ Hazman Abdullah, hails from Kampung Keningau here.

Speaking at a press conference at the district police headquarters media center here, he said a 44-year-old contractor had lodged a police report on Thursday alleging that the suspect had cheated him.

“In the report, the complainant said on November 3, 2006 at about 2 pm at the complainant’s office here, the complainant agreed to deal with the suspect to purchase four pieces  of Country Lease (CL), and Native Title (NT) land, including two pieces of Land Applications (LA) for RM280,000,” he said.

He said in 2006 and 2007, the complainant handed over a total of RM38,200 in stages to the suspect.

“However, the suspect failed to perform the deal by giving various excuses. In 2010, the suspect met the victim and convinced him to buy another two adjacent pieces of land.”

He said from December 2010 to May 21, 2011, the victim paid a total of RM65,300 in stages to the suspect for the purpose of purchasing the land.

He said RM5,000 was the last amount paid by the victim to the suspect on May 21 last year.

“Until now the said pieces of land that the victim wished to buy are not available, and of late, the suspect could not be contacted,” he said.

Zahari said no arrests had been made so far and the case is being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code.

He appealed  to the public who know the suspect  to contact the district police headquarters Commercial Crime Investigation Division chief, Inspector Mohd Kahar Ariffin through telephone contact: O87-332 222  extension: 261 and 259. (theborneopost)


  1. Hope that this man will get arrested for this land scam issue which causes so much locals to become victims.

  2. The police must work hard to get hold of this scammer and take action against him.

  3. Tanah memang bernilai tinggi sekarang ni. kena hati2 dengan sebarang penipuan. paling penting, geran tanah tu.

  4. tanah kini amat bernilai, jadi kita harus lindungi tanah2 kita.

    1. Tanah adalah aset, lindungi aset dan hak sebagai pemilik tanah.

  5. Tanah memang berharga dan bernilai, ramai yang cuba untuk mengambil kesempatan. Jadi harus lebih berhati-hati

  6. Jangan biarkan ada pihak yang cuba menipu kita dengan hal tanah ini.

  7. tunggu saja la hasil dia nanti.. macam2 taktik digunakan untuk menipu.. kadang2 penipuan yang dia lakukan itu terlalu profesional hingga tidak ada keraguan langsung..

  8. yang penting amalkan sikap berhati2 terutama sekali bila berhadapan dengan urusan yang melibatkan wang yang banyak..