Monday, 22 April 2013



KOTA KINABALU:  “Ansari (Abdullah) is twisting the whole thing,” said a beleaguered APS Chief, Datuk Wilfred Bumburing Friday.

“He is the real liar. He has been going around telling people that there was an agreement between him and me over the seat allocation … it never happened”.

The war of words between Ansari, the veteran PKR leaders who was dropped from the polls in favour of Bumburing, a partner of PKR, has only got hotter, especially after Ansari branded his rival a liar.

“He claimed that we discussed the matter that I would be defending the Tuaran seat while he goes to contest in Tamparuli,” said Bumburing (picture).

“… but the only time this was mentioned was when I met him at a canteen and at that time, I was in no position to make any decision since I had yet to leave Barisan Nasional.

“I was told that he (Ansari) had sent a memorandum to the national leaders of the so-called discussion, which never happened,” Bumburing explained.

Ansari also labeled Bumburing as a “liar” for failing to live to his words to not contest in the 13th general election, besides criticising his own party for not providing the autonomy to Sabah and not recognising the decisions made by several divisions on their preferred candidates.

The former Deputy Chief Minister and United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (UPKO) Deputy President left the ruling coalition and set up APS to show his support to Pakatan Rakyat.

“All we want is to help Pakatan Rakyat win in the coming general election, and we did not expect to be candidates, but that does not mean we did not offer to stand (as candidate).

“In our discussions (with PKR), we had raised the intention to have candidates contest in Tuaran and Tamparuli, knowing that it is a KDM area, and suggested that PKR take Kiulu and Sulaman.

“But Ansari insisted to stand in Tamparuli and stressed that if he does not get that seat, he will not contest in this election. It is sad since we do believe that he was the best candidate for Sulaman since it is populated by Bumiputera Muslim voters,” he said.

Bumburing however admitted that he may not be getting the support from Ansari as the latter had made his intentions known that his support is strictly for PKR members.

“His absence will have some effect but I know most of the PKR people will give their support to me as they are eager for change. So I hope we will win and the win is a gift for PR and PKR in particular,” he said.

Bumburing is defending Tuaran against his old colleague Wilfred Tangau, and contesting Tamparuli in an effort to wrest the seat away from PBS, which he ironically won with them in 1985 has called on the Kadazandusun voters in the area to come out in full force to cast votes on May 5 to make known their discontent over what they termed as marginalisation against saitiis the only Christian.

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