Sunday 28 April 2013


IT’S INCREDIBLE only 2.5km from the main tank-water reservoir situated in Sindumin town yet no pipe water connected to nearby kampongs such Sri Menanti and Kawang to provide tape water.

The latest time they –UMNO administrators promised to connect water pipe to their homes was five years ago until today no avail. Haji Amde Sidik Deputy President and SAPP N28 Sindumin candidate said if they couldn’t do it in the last twenty years what make them do in this coming ten days. 

Amde was speaking In Kg Mendulong about 40 km from Sipitang town via gravel road last night. SAPP candidate for MP candidate accompanied him for P178 Kamis Daming and the rest SAPP crew.

"I don’t s see any good reason why must the Lundayeh community stay put voting for UMNO when even Malays in Malaya rejecting UMNO, it’s a shame," he said.

Water, electricity and road are basic necessities and we have not even gone beyond this how on earth we coupe with 4.6 billion SAMUR project to get the feel of improved life.

The Lundayeh community surely has been discriminated and prejudiced, God knows why we let prejudices happens in this part of the country.

Amde said if SAPP formed the State Government it could revoke the two-page agreement between Sabah State and PETRONAS. It's time for us to decide how much to give them instead of begging from them.

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