Sunday 28 April 2013


Dear Bumburing Sir!

What is your locus standi to ask KEADILAN to sack me without due process?

Why did you plant Ketua Penyelaras APS Kiulu, JOHN HUSIN as an Independent Candidate against Ketua AMK Kiuli Rhodes Phanilau, the KEADILAN candidate for N11 Kiuli?

Why did you tell the voters in Tenghilan yeaterday that you are a member of KEADILAN when in fact you are not?

Why did your supporter punched Dr Chong Eng Leong at Tamu Tamparuli on Wednesday when Dr Chong confronted you on your allegation that I am a liar?

Why did you change the candidate for Sulaman (Hj Amin Ibrahim) with your AMANAH Secretary Hj Ghulabdin who IS NOT A MEMBER of KEADILAN?

Why did you use KEADILAN symbol when you do not subscribe to its principle and objectives?

More to come Sir!

Best Regards,


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