Monday 29 April 2013


PEOPLE In Sipitang don’t expect miracle but something to benefits them for both in short and long term when referring to 4.6 Billion of PETRONAS SAMUR project officiated by Prime Minister in Kg. Banting, Sipitang last year.

Employment is the most important which should be available for them, but it looks either jobs available are too specific require expertise which perhaps understood but yet even menial works-labourers are not available for them; so far priority are for foreigners not for local.

“We would ask PETRONAS to contribute something to Sipitang people as part of its social responsibility” Haji Amde Sidik said, Deputy President of SAPP who is also candidate for SAPP for N28 Sindumin.

First, they must assist Sipitang’s deserving folks like the needy-old, single parents, poor and sick in monetary form or otherwise. We would also be asking PETRONAS to set higher learning institution to be located in Sipitang, that would assist parents who could not send their kids to study elsewhere, Amde said at a ceremah in Kg Samin and Kg Lubang Buaya last night.

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