Monday, 1 April 2013



WHEN the Barisan Nasional (BN) government announces the setting-up of the Eastern Sabah Safety Zone (ESSZone), Anwar knows for certain his chances of capturing Sabah & Sarawak are lost. 

Losing Sabah means losing Sarawak as well, it is a domino effect in politics in the Borneo States.  Sabah ESSZone is the signal to Sarawak Rajang Security Command (RASCOM) to start realigning back to BN.

As the result it is better for Anwar to concentrate his attention to the Member of Parliament (MP) and State Seats in Malaya.  This is perhaps the main reason for him to finally reject STAR and SAPP; it is not because of seat distribution. These new development makes PAKATAN presence in Sabah and Sarawak as a non-starter.

For Anwar Sabah does not matter because he still have Ansari and Tamrin from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Lajim Ukim from PPPS and Wilfred Bumburing from APS.  They will be used to represent the Sabah interest and put up a token challenge to BN in Sabah.

So, what was Anwar thinking when he made the announcement that PAKATAN will do it alone in Sabah?  In the event that his token challenge and by sheer fluke that PAKATAN manage to form a government in Sabah, surely Anwar will reintroduce the Chief Minister rotation in Sabah under the pretext that every community in Sabah must have the chance to lead Sabah.

The rotation of the Chief Minister in Sabah will serve Anwar in many ways.  Rotating the Chief Minister every two years means the state government will be weak, nothing can be decided in Sabah. 

It is therefore obvious that decision must be made by Kuala Lumpur.  Sabah cannot plan or implement anything, therefore the much needed funds can be routed to Malaya where it is most needed.  After all Anwar political powerbase will always be Malaya not Sabah or Sarawak.  As far as Anwar is concern Sabah and Sarawak is just two cash cows for him to squeeze.

It cannot be denied that the existing BN government is chalking substantial national debt, so much politicking currently that no one is generating fresh income-stream for the nation.

As the government PAKATAN will further jeopardize the present Economic Transformation Programs because PAKATAN will want to change the current “cronies” with their own.  In the ensuing long drawn legal battle, practically nothing will be done; everything will be at a standstill. 

The only active portion of the government will be the court; the only way to deviate the problem of the people is to sensationalize the arrest and the court proceedings – morphine for the people.

The other alternative is to make Malaysia really an open economy, where money rules.  This means that the whole of Malaysia is up for sale, perhaps a continuation and closure to what Anwar failed to do with the International Monetary Fund in 1998.

We in Sabah understood this scenario very well.  Whatever anyone from PAKATAN can say does not matter.  Therefore in as far as Sabah is concern, we will sing the following song (adapted from Anwar own song):

“Tanya sama Anwar Siapa CM Sabah Nanti jawap Anwar Sabah dah Kalah” (Kinabalu Today)

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