Tuesday, 2 April 2013


THE RECENT statement made by the Luyang people’s development officer (PKR) Chin Teck Ming is trying to intimidate the good work of others. We all saw his performance in Luyang since he took over from the Ex-PKR Benny Quek in the same area. We saw Benny Quek was a much hard working with better performance when compared to Chin.

Chin Teck Ming is wrong when he mentioned the DAP leaders like Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Jimmy Wong, Hiew King Cheu only wanted to object for the sack of objection because they are the opposition, and there is no creative suggestion coming from them for the government.

The DAP leaders are definitely not what he said, because they have been around and had defended the rights of Malaysian under BN rule until today. It is very unfair for him to make such unfounded comment, and don’t forget PBS was once the opposition too.

Andrew Lee Chee Kiong, the special assistant to the KK MP Hiew King Cheu, said this when he read through the statement by Chin and he felt very disappointed and regretted on what was said by Chin.

Andrew said this should not come from the mouth of a learned person like Chin Teck Ming. For one, he should go back to check the facts or go through the records on what the DAPs had opposed and fought for the people in Sabah and Malaysia.

We fight for what is not right and we don’t oppose just for oppose sack. As far as creative suggestion we believed we have done more and better than PBS when they were the opposition government in Sabah. Don’t forget PBS said they rejoined BN was to correct BN from within. Did PBS and Chin Teck Ming fulfill that?

When PBS became the opposition after they left the BN in 1990, did they do any creative and positive suggestion to teach BN at that time, and to do the right thing? Why on the issue of illegal immigrant we saw no words or comment from Chin or may be this issue is too big for him to handle.

The DAP leaders Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Hiew King Cheu and Jimmy Wong had in numerous times brought up the issue of the illegal immigrant and IC problems over and over again in Parliament and State assembly and also had made recommendations and suggestions in many ways.

Everyone wanted to resolve the matter, but did BN listen or did PBS try to clean up the mesh? Why in stead PBS decided to join them? Is this because of the common saying that “if you can not beat them, better join them”?

In Luyang, there are many issues needed the attention of this Luyang PKR, why the people complained and no action taken? He is taking a pay from the government, therefore, we advice him to do his work properly and talk less.

His boss Yee Moh Chai used to be vocal during the time when he was in the opposition, and why for long he had said nothing and do nothing. As a minister and the Api Api assemblyman, he can not even get to improve the Internet service in KK, and Yee on the other hand should tell his man to do more work to fill up the blanks left over by him. Otherwise to appoint Chin as his PKR is pointless, and wasting public fund. (DAP Media)

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