Friday, 19 April 2013


A WOMAN ended up being 'sold' into prostitution for RM3,000 after a reunion with an old friend, reported Harian Metro.

The victim was also beaten, confined and forced into the flesh trade by the syndicate for almost a week before she escaped last Sunday.

The woman's trauma started on April 11 in a shoplot in Kepong when she met up with her friend who she had not seen in years. The friend brought along her boyfriend to the premises.

Another man in his 30s, who turned out to be a pimp, appeared later and prevented her from leaving.

She was then told that she had been sold by her friend. She was confined in the premises with 10 other women said to be Chinese and Vietnamese nationals who were apparently also forced into prostitution.

The next day, the victim was paraded in sexy outfits together with the other women to customers. She ended up sleeping with a man who paid RM1,680.

“Nobody was around in the premises and I managed to unlock the door using a pair of scissors,” she said after lodging a police report. (The Star)

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