Sunday, 14 April 2013



KOTA KINABALU : Sabahans must realise that the so-called Gelombang Tataba by PBS, UPKO and PBRS was nothing but the idea of UMNO to empower  Mahathir Mohamad to help perpetuate 'Ketuanan Melayu dan UMNO' to overlord Sabahans.

By empowering UMNO and BN, the non-muslims would continue to be suppressed as the Tataba Wave would embolden the kind of Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali of PERKASA in banning the non-muslims from using many words including 'Allah' in their worship.

By calling the Kadazandusuns to support BN and UMNO, leaders of PBS, UPKO and PBRS are empowering Ibrahim to repeat his call for the burning of our Bible or Alkitab.

Ibrahim should be charged for treason, and Mahathir too for the IC Project. But look PBS, UPKO and PBRS are calling the people to support Mahathir and Ibrahim!

It appeared to me that the Gelombang Tataba has not empowered the natives in Sabah at all but only put UMNO leaders like Mahathir and Ibrahim above the law. Sabahans must see this ploy, hatched by UMNO, and carried by the three parties to hoodwink the people.

Everybody remembers that Pairin has given the Federal Government until last year (2012) to resolve the illegal immigrants issues in Sabah but look it is already 2013 and even the RCI has been postponed due to UMNO's pressure over the Tanduo's intrusion by Filipinos.

Now there is no guarantee that the illegal immigrants issues in Sabah would be resolved even after the coming general election, as the RCI had so far recorded so many incriminating evidences against PBS, UPKO and PBRS' friends and allies in UMNO!

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