Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Dear Editor,

The NRD cannot refer one to the Syariah Court when one is a non-Muslim. I am surprised that your Client, a Chinese and Buddhist, has been referred to the Syariah Court by the NRD Sabah to change the status of his son in the MyKad from Muslim to Buddhist.

The NRD has no business deciding on the religion of an applicant. When I got my MyKad, my son and I were listed as Hindus. When I queried the NRD, they replied that if there's no information in the data bank, Indians are classified as Hindus.

I replied: "In that case, you should classify Mahathir and Sheikh as Hindus since they are Indians. Have you ever come across any Hindu with the name Joseph?"

I asked for my MyKad and my son's to be changed. They asked for my baptism certificate.

I told them: "When you listed me as Hindu, there was no need for any proof. Now that I tell you that I am a Christian, you want proof. Next you will ask me to bring the Bishop, then the Archbishop and finally the Pope. If I tell you that I am a Christian, I am a Christian.

I don't have to prove to you that I am Christian. Why should I claim to be a Christian if I am not one? If I am a Hindu, I would be proud to be one. I would not claim to be something else. I want to see your Director.

Needless to say they quickly gave me and my son a form each to do the necessary rectifications. I obtained a replacement MyKad within a week, my son a month later. It seems that the older we are, the quicker we get our MyKad.

Otherwise, we might not be able to enter heaven.

Best Regards,


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