Saturday, 4 May 2013


Dear Editor,

WE act for Huge—Growth Co., S.A. and refer to your publication on the Sabahkini website written by Paparazzi in relation to the above matter.

We are instructed by our clients to state that the content of the abovementioned article, in so far as it relates to the allegation that our clients have given, agreed to give or offered any commission to Datuk Yahya Lampung directly and/or Ms. Faridah Ibrahim acting as an agent for Datuk Yahya Lampung, is totally incorrect and unfounded.

Further, such article is damaging to the reputationand goodwill of our clients. It is clear that the so called letters were manufactured or fabricated for reasons not known to our clients.

Our clients have not issued the letters dated 12"‘ September 2011 and 3rd November 2011, as referred to in the abovementioned article.

We have instructions from our clients to demand that you immediately withdraw the article from your website with an apology to our clients in place of the article.

Our clients have suffered damaged from the article and reserve their rights to take all action for damages in addition to any other remedies in law including making reports to facilitate prosecution against you under the relevant multi-media laws and other legislation.

We have further instructions to demand that you forever desist from publishing such article in future. ·



(NOTE : support Malaysia Bill Of Guarantee (BoG No 7); no censorship on internet. Please get injunction from court before we can withdrawl the article).

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