Saturday, 6 April 2013


Dear Editor,

IN THE PAST few days, district council personnel has been engaged by the local authority to clear TELUPID township of rogue dogs with means  to kill with blow pipes and poison darts.
In the process, the agony of dying a slow  death is very distinct before the eyes of the public including children watching the slow motion dying process.

Most of these animals died within half an hour to 2 days period. And the dart which is still poisonous must be lying somewhere afterall those assassin personnel does not bother to retrieve the spent poison dart.

As far as the public is concerned, it is seen that the district council has taken the roles of the veterinary department to  execute action to the extend of disregarding act of cruelty to animals.

The district council executive should give some wise explanation on this matter because the usage of blowpipe and poison dart devices is believed not available within the instruments of its by laws.

In a  developed country, one has to take a training lessons and a police licence to use and store blowpipes and poison darts.

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