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WHAT'S UP.....The recipient family with the blue 1-Malaysia The bathroom of the family house Water tank behind their house and the BN umbrella in the foreground.

“BN SHOULD stop hoodwinking the people and play the “Best Developmentunder BN” card to attract voters support when it is clear that the BN State and Federal governments have failed in their responsibility to properly develop Sabah” responded DatukDr.Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief to reports that Deputy Chief Minister, Tan Sri PairinKitingan, has praised that BN has the best track record government in the world in development and that the people of Sabah should continue to support BN in the coming general election.

The mere fact that the report was made at a function where water tanks were distributed to 153 families in Kg. Sandapak and Tangkongan in Bingkor, Keningau, reinforces the fact that BN has failed to develop the treated water supply in Keningau despite being in power since 1994, a period of 19 years.

If development in Keningau, the largest interior town is ignored, one can imagine the non-development in other interior areas?

The people are no longer ignorant and becoming more aware and vocal of the roles and responsibility of the government and their elected representatives. Promises of development and giving of handouts and water tanks do not attract voters support as the people now know that development is the responsibility of the government of the day.

Any government of the day, not necessarily BN, will have to carry out development projects, to provide clean water, build roads, build schools, provide electrical supply and build other infrastructure amenities and facilities.  

Chest thumping and boasting by BN that the opposition cannot provide development is pure nonsense and hoodwinking the people.   If the opposition were in government, they would be tasked with the responsibility and be providing development.   The opposition may do a better job in providing development compared to the current BN government.

The key question is not whether BN can provide development and the opposition cannot do the job.  The true test is whether the BN has carried out its responsibility of providing development to the extent that can be done.

Judging the development carried out in Sabah and comparing to Brunei and Singapore, our supposedly partners in Malaysia, it is as clear as daylight that the BN State and Federal governments have failed to develop Sabah properly.   Its track record is worse than many third world countries, certainly not the best in the world.

In Keningau, the BN governments have failed to provide clean treated water since 1994. The problem was further compounded by the Prime Minister promising in June 2012 to provide a RM235 million loan to improve water supply in Keningau.   

BATHROOM..... picture shows the bathroom and toilet of the family.

 It is the ultimate slap in the face for Sabahans when Petronas and the Federal Government took RM17.88 billion from Sabah’s oil revenue in 2012 and yet deem it fit to lend RM235 million for the Keningau water supply project.

On the ground, the implementation has caused untold fears of disruption to the affected villagers of the water supply project. The location of the proposed water intake source of the project is now moved so far downstream that it will affect the padi planting and livelihood of many villages. This is pure bad planning by the Umno/BN State government.

You do not need foreign enemies to kill the KDMs. The way the KDM parties in BN are treating the KDMs, they are just helping the Umno/BN government in imprisoning the KDMs in abject poverty and killing their future and the future of their future generations. (STAR Media)

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