Saturday, 13 April 2013


THE Sabah DAP Advisor Hiew King Cheu viewed the departure of Edward Ewol Mujie from DAP is totally at his own accorded action, and he had not consulted or discussed with fellow party members. He had his personal reason and we just have to wish him good luck.

Hiew said he appreciated Edward who had devoted and contributed his seven years of service to Sabah DAP after his retirement from the civil service.

He definitely is a good friend and a person with strong knowledge and experience in the government management, and he had helped a lot during the term of Hiew as the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament.

He spent time to travel together through out Sabah to help the DAP, and no matter how tire he was, he always made it a point to follow. It is not easy for a man who had reached 70. The very last trip was in Malalap, Tenom last week.

Hiew said, his leaving the DAP is of course a lost, especially when we are working hard to change the government. This also came as a surprise to a lot of people, while we are still preparing the election material and leaflets.

The 13th general election is here, and we have to concentrate our attention and effort to get the full support from the voters. No matter what happened, the people’s wish and hope to have a new government must be achieved and fulfilled.

We shall stand firm to fight on until we reach the target. Now the election is so close and we cannot be distracted by any mishap and undue happenings.

Hiew commented that it is not going to be an easy fight due to the many prevailing factors arising, added with the dirty tactics and plans installed by the BN to ensure their win.

During the election time, many people are subjected to sweet talks, mind changing and even forgo years of hard work with a party, and this is nothing strength nowadays.

Those people who had left and rejoined parties are no longer big news, and there are many examples in Sabah. It looks more like a culture now, but the bottom line is that the elected members of the State Assembly or Parliament should not be allowed to perform this act. This will be seen as an act of betrayal to the voters.

The people should be more sensitive towards deciding on the righteous party with the integrity and trustworthiness to represent them in the future. The known characters and the dirty parties should be avoided. The DAP is a known party in history that it does not budge and be suppressed by evil and bad intention of some others.

Although, there were some minor cases of mishaps but in overall the party stood firm and abide to its principles and believes. That makes us in the DAP feels proud.

Our struggle for a better Malaysia shall continue. Therefore the support from the voters in Sabah and Malaysia is vital for us in reaching the goal. (DAP Media)

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