Friday, 19 April 2013


PENAMPANG : PKR Tuaran division chief Ansari Abdullah has taken the party leadership to task for failing to honour the promise of political autonomy for Sabah.

“PKR has failed to show its sincerity, fail to show that it is practicing autonomy. So today, all of us will have to go back to our respective divisions to explain the situation and will make a decision on any future undertaking. Saturday (which is the nomination day) is a very long time to go, and in politics, anything can happen,” he said.

“The real issue here is not about me being a candidate, it is about us being promised the autonomy but autonomy is not here. Fullstop. It is about the division making a decision, (and) the decision is not respected. Fullstop. It is about the promise to treat us as equal partners, (but) now are we being treated as equal partners when we are not even consulted about the candidates' list?” he added.

He told reporters this when cornered after chairing an informal meeting here, on Thursday (18 April 2013) together with several divisional leaders and members who were dissatisfied with the newly-unveiled PKR candidates' list by Sabah PKR chief Ahmad Thamrin Jaini, in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, two days ago.

He was commenting on the Party leadership rejecting of three quarter of the candidates proposed by the seven divisions in the West Coast North Zone, in Sabah, one day after the dissolution of the Parliament.

“The seven proposed candidates' names which was announced recently is not my list. It is not Ansari's line-up. It was the decision made by the respective divisions in the West Coast North areas. We were promised of the autonomy to make decision as stipulated in the Buku Jinggaand Kuching Declaration.

“Unfortunately three quarter of the list were rejected, where of the seven candidates, only two made it. It is sad to say but the Party has failed the test (of trustworthiness and sincerity)," he said.

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