Saturday, 20 April 2013


MEETING..... Tuaran APS, PPPS, DAP and Other NGOs leaders in Tuaran after the joint meeting held at the APS Head office in Inanam.


WE HEREBY jointly and collectively endorsed the candidacy of Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred M. Bumburing (DSWB), APS President to contest the Tamparuli State Seat as well as the Tuaran Parliamentary seat using the PKR symbol.

We have full confidence in the leadership DSWB to lead the KDM community and ensure that this community will no longer be sidelined and left behind in all aspect after the GE13.

Together with PPPS, DAP and other NGOs in Tuaran including the state constituency of Sulaman, Tamparuli and Kiulu, we express this final and collective decision to fully support DSWB and ensure his victory in both the constituency that he will be standing as candidate.

GE13 will bethe turning point in bringing about a radical change in the nation's administrative policy and as such we urge every bonafide voters from every fabric of our society to come out and vote for every Pakatan Rakyat candidates.

This is our only chance to come together and create history by changing a government which have been in power since independence and who have outlast their welcome and itbis now the time for us to replace it with a Pakatan Rakyat government.

We will join hands with our PR counterpart in Semenanjung to ensure a victory for every PR candidates. This will ensure that our identity, aspirations and most importantly our solid unity among the various  community regardless of race and religion will be restored, respected and continously maintain.

This is also the chance for every Malaysian in Sabah to enjoy all the benefits that have been promised us when Malaysia was Formed in 1963. After 50 years since Merdeka, the time has now come for us to demand for the restoration of our rights which was denied us by the BN government. 

PR through the Buku Jingga as well as the People's Aspiration as outlined in the Yellow Book promises a restoration of all that rights.

Let us together make the GE13 a form of referandum for Sabahans to decide whether they agree with all the policy that involves social, cultural as well as citizenship issues that have been the policy of the BN government to date in comparison to the policy on the same issues as promise by the PR coalition.

Voting PR into power both at State and at Federal level will be a very important decision to be made by every voter so as to enable PR to bring about a new order for the nation after GE13.

We urge everyone in Tuaran and all other areas where APS candidates will be contesting using the PKR symbol,  as well as every aspiring candidates among the PR components parties including APS and PPPS who have not been selected as candidates to put aside any kind of differences, disappointments and division and unite together to ensure a convincing victory for all PR candidates.

We have come together here today to express our full support to DSWB to be the flag bearer for every KDM community and to lead the community in changing the BN government and usher in a new PR government.

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