Sunday, 4 August 2013


by : Andrew Lee Chee Keong

                                                                      Andrew showing the dangerous slanting lamp pole.  

The slanting lamp pole in Bundusan along the main road has caused public concern over the safety of the motorist. The situation has not been rectified for many weeks now, and it seems that no authorities would like to claim responsibility to repair the said dangerous lamp pole.

Andrew Lee Chee Keong, the special assistant to Adun Luyang said the problem with the lamp pole which is near collapse is that there is no one wants to claim responsibility. The Penampang Council said that the road lights along Jalan Bundusun are not under the care and maintenance of the council, this is because the JKR has not officially handed over the section of the road lights to the council as yet. 

Andrew said this should not be the case, and someone should take up the responsibility to maintain this public facility. The worst case is that if the pole fell down and hit the cars with casualty who is to be held responsible. Therefore, it is time to get the department to come quickly to repair the falling pole.

There must be something to be done to make a clear cut as who to be responsible for the section of the Bundusan Road. It is known that part of it is under DBKK and part of it is with Penampang Council. The situation becomes more confusing because until now and after many years of the completion of the Bundusan Road, JKR is still couldn’t hand over the road lights installation to the DBKK and Penampang Council. This is rather strange and we see a loop hole in the system.

Andrew urges the authorities concern to expedite all the necessary action and arrangement to get the thing into proper order. May be the Minister of Infrastructure Development Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan can step in to resolve the matter soonest possible.

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