Monday 12 August 2013


by : Junz Wong

ADUN LIKAS Junz Wong demanded relevant authority to explain what was the reason behind the cause for many flights delayed yesterday since morning.

Junz said he has received numerous complaints that a lot of flights had been delayed for many hours. He was informed that it could be due to tower communication failure and it was not the first time this has happened.

"KKIA is an international airport and so the management and authority must be live up to the expectations to perform at an international standard. Sabah tourism will suffer as foreign tourists will be discouraged by such incompetency and inefficiency displayed by KKIA management." Junz said.

For instance ; one SMS complaint received : "I was waiting for guest from sdk . Flight depart 12.50 , now confirmed 3.50 depart. ETA 4.30.  Basically flight are delayed more then 5 hours"

"Why can this happen? Is it due to lack of maintenance? We need the authority to assure such incompetency will not happen again." Junz concluded

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