Wednesday 14 August 2013


by : Lesaya Lopog Sorudim

We are disappointed that some of the election petition filed by defeated opposition candidates have been thrown out by the courts  based on reason given by the presiding judge.

There would have been a lot of revelations with regards to certain allegations that we have collected such as the incident of bribery and other corrupt practices that have occurred should those petitions have been granted and went to a full trial.

Although the deadline for filing of election petitions have passed, I am of the opinion that we have enough laws in the country to seek for legal redress for any offences that have been allegedly  committed during the 13th General Election and as such we call upon the relevant authority to fully investigate any reports of any allegations of bribery and other corrupt practices that may have been committed during the GE13.

Although in some constituency the contesting candidates were not from APS such as Kuamut, Kiulu and Tandek, however, we will be assisting to collect any evidence that might be used as a basis to commence investigation against any corrupt practices.

APS will be holding its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Division level starting from this month, August and towards the end of September. I call upo all APS Divisional Protem Chairman to hold their respective as directed by the Secretary General in a circulars which was recently distributed to all Divisional Chairman.

This is also our chance to collect any information relating to any corrupt practices allegedly committed by any contesting candidates, including those from the opposition sides. We hope to completes this year the end of September.

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