Monday 19 August 2013


by: Hiew King Cheu 

I must thank the DBKK for all the swift action taken to put right matters following my request concerning the public complaints in Luyang.

DBKK and the KK Mayor have demonstrated efficiency in many aspects and their performance has improved in many ways, of course there are other areas they still have to upgrade and pay attention on.

My proposal to allow and permit the private sector to foster and sponsor the public open spaces, children playground, and gardens will definitely help to reduce the DBKK expenditure. I suppose the government especially the finance minister will be happy to make it possible.

On the KK traffic circulation problem and not having enough car parking spaces, I urge the DBKK to immediately come up with plans to solve the problem in the long run. My suggestion to consider the Monorail system is a long term solution, and by starting on the feasibility and design study would be proper. The KK folks will be proud to see that we have a city without traffic jam and a lot of available car parking spaces. The buses on the road should see a new system of circulation and routing especially on the Jalan Lintas from Inanam to the KKIA airport.

The flyovers which I have mentioned before on the Jalan Lintas should commence soonest possible under the 10th Malaysian Plan. 

The car parking problems in Foh Sang is getting worst, and there is a need to build a multistory car park. DBKK has to get a plan started and I hope the Chief Minister can help to get this going. I have confidence in him because he is a cooperate man who can find money for the purpose.

Beside that, Foh Sang shop also needed a roof over the central part of the shops, to stop the sun and rain. The will further enhance business and community activities. Further more, with that Foh Sang shops are to be upgrade to a tourist attraction spot and it can become the CHINA TOWN of KK. Of course, we need the CM to give us the grant to make this dream come true.

The tourism industry is picking up very fast and we are short of 4 star and 5 star hotel rooms during peak season. The industry is earning Sabah handsome money and this should be developed in a faster rate. More tourist attraction spots in Sabah are to be set up and this requires great deal of money and finance support from the government. We want our valued tourists to enjoy their stay here and we must be a good host to start with. The Pulau Gaya will be a place good for promoting the industry, and it is so close and yet so far. The government should consider to allow this to be developed.

On education, the Sabah government has to assist the Chinese SJK and SM on additional financial assistance. At the moment, there are money distributed to the Chinese schools but that is far from enough. Chinese schools still have to raise fund and it is far from the requirement. For an example, in my area, SJK (c) Shan Tao, due to the large student population about 2,000 in the area, it has to put up a new class room block costing RM5 million. The money available is limited, because the building committee has only RM1 million to pay the contractors, and it has to depend on public donation. May be the CM can consider to give them a special grant of RM2 million?

The Land and survey department is in need of more attention to improve its efficiencies and effectiveness. The administrative abilities and staffs have to be reinforced to help clear the piling up of the much delay on the processing of land document like land titles, subdivision titles, survey plans, strata titles and land transfer etc. There are some “grey area” needed to ironed out and we shall see progress and advancement.

The tennis sport in Sabah is indeed needed emphasis by the Sabah government. To encourage the tennis sport to be upgraded, they need better ground and facilities. This sport is winning 2nd world high in price money and viewing. Logically it must be given an important place and we should make it a compulsory sport item in all games meet, locally and internationally. It is a shame that Tennis is still not there after much appeal and until today it is still not listed in the SUKMA games. The players are trained and ready but they have no chance to participate, what a waste. The Likas Sport Complex has nice tennis court, but those are not all weather courts. It is wise that the government to erect at least 4 courts out of the 12 with a roof for the game. Can the CM make some fund available for the purpose? It will cost only RM1.0 million only, and I am sure YAB can make that a reality.

For Luyang, we need further up grading to the existing infrastructure like redo the drains, roads, pavements, water and electric supply and sewerage system etc. I know this needs plenty of money to carry out, and it is a sad story that we opposition can’t even have a finger on the ADUN fund. We are being hard pressed by the people in the area to help on the work required, but without the allocation nothing much can be done, and we still have to go back to the government for help. Therefore, please consider our request and do it for the people.

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