Monday 12 August 2013


by : Hiew King Cheu 

                                            Crowded JPJ counters

The people who are having problem in paying their road taxes and in renewing their driving licenses had approached the Adun Luyang Hiew King Cheu requesting him to find out what is wrong with the JPJ.

They said they have gone to the post office to get their road taxes and driving licenses renew but were told that the JPJ computer system is at the moment under upgrading work and will need quite sometime to complete the work before it can become normal again. This has happened during the last few weeks.

The people later went to the JPJ head quarter in Jalan Bundusan to pay their road taxes and they were faced with a super long queue waiting for their turn. The wait was usually 2 to 3 hours and the counters were limited.

Hiew went to inspect the situation in the JPJ HQ and found that the JPJ counters were filled up with people, and immediately many people approached and grumble to him about the long wait especially there is only one counter opened for the renewal of road tax. A lady said she had been standing for hours waiting for her turn, and in actual fact it only takes about few minutes to pay the road tax. She worried that the traffic police or the JPJ officers will summon her on the expired road tax, and that would be a fine of RM300.

Hiew then paid a visit to the Director of JPJ to find out what is the cause of the problem. The JPJ Director Hj Shuhaili Bin Mohd Taufek explained that it is entirely due to the computer system upgrading work which had commenced two years ago, and it is a continuous process executed in stages until today. At the moment this has been extended to the post office and that is the reason the post office has temporary suspended its service for the JPJ.

The Director further said that due to the interruption, his department has worked extra hours on Saturday and Sunday to assist the people who need their services. The time is the same as normal office working hours. He said the department has widely broadcast the news in the radio, and yet not many people knew about the extended hours over the week ends. He encourages the public to make use of the week end to come to the JPJ office in order to ease the long queue.

For those people who cannot renew their road tax during the upgrading of the computer system, they will be issued with a JPJ slit which can be produced when stopped by the traffic police or the JPJ officer, otherwise there will be summon issued.

Hiew urges the JPJ to be more considerate and should try its best to open up more counters to accommodate the people.

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