Saturday 24 August 2013


by: Hiew King Cheu

Likas Sport Complex swimming pool became a complaint received by the ADUN Luyang Office recently. The two swimming pools are being shared by the general public and the training of the swimmers.

The complaint said the pool space allocated for the general public is far too small and become overcrowded during peak hours on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. The 8 lanes is taken up by the training program starting from 4 to 6 pm and they are using the smaller pool with the high jumping platform and the main pool occupying 6 out of the 8 lanes. The public can only utilize 2 lanes, and it is very crowded at times. The main pool with the two lanes only opens to the public until 7 pm.

ADUN Luyang Hiew King Cheu and his assistants went to learn more about the situation in the Likas Sport Complex pools, and saw that the room in the main pool is definitely too small for the public use. It would ideally that 2 more lanes are to be opened up to the public swimmers during peak hours. The training program which is on going may be able to adjust to fit in. Hiew suggested the opening hours for the public should be extended to 9 pm so that the swimmers can enjoy their swim and the exercise.

Hiew has also held discussion with the sport complex management for a better solution to accommodate the increasing number of people who have gain interest in swimming. He suggested that an additional pool to be constructed soonest possible in the ground next to the existing pool. It can be an open air pool without a covering roof, and he is sure that the state government can make available fund to kick off on the project.

Swimming is a good sport and the Likas Sport Complex has the only available public pools in Kota Kinabalu, therefore in order to improve the standard of swimming and for the public to learn how to swim, the government should build more pools and encourage more people to learn about swimming. It is very true that if you can swim, you can save yourself in emergency and also save lives too.   

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