Tuesday 20 August 2013


Oleh: Shaimon S Jumadi

DANGEROUS  .....Landslide dangerous to the nearby  residents of Taman Indah Jaya

“We seek for the Government's full attention to the landslide issue faced by the residents of the terrace houses along the hillside in Phase 3, Taman Indah Jaya,” Said   Member  of  Parliament  Sandakan Stephen Wong.

He added this issue has been highlighted and brought to the attention of the Sandakan Municipal Council when the threat of landslide was discovered. We therefore urge the Sandakan Municipal Council to take immediate action to resolve the problem in order to prevent the occurrence of any unfortunate incidents.

Upon receiving complaints over this issue from the residents, Member of Parliament for Sandakan,  Stephen Wong Tien Fatt together with George Hiew, Calvin Chong and Frankie Poon visited the site. Undoubtedly, the threat of landslide on the hillside is obvious and the safety of the residents staying nearby is questionable. 

According to the local residents, this threat was made known to the Government including members of Parliament, state assemblymen, ministers and even the Chief Minister since 3 years ago but no solid actions have been taken to overcome this issue apart from sending personnel from relevant departments to inspect the area and conduct tests and surveys. The local residents also informed that they have written in to the Prime Minister to address this issue but no response was given.

It is DAP's stand that the Government owes a duty to provide a safe and habitable home to the residents who are staying in houses built based on the approval and consensus of the Government. It is therefore the responsibility of the Government to tackle this landslide issue before any unfavourable event occurs.

"We wish to remind the Government to adhere to its ideology of 'rakyat didahulukan' and take immediate steps to solve the problem of landslide which is threatening the lives and homes of the residents in Taman Indah Jaya," he said to the Sabahkini.Net Senior  Reporter for Sandakan Region  during his visited the  places yesterday.

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