Friday 29 June 2012



RANAU : The State Reform Party (Star) is of the opinion that all roads on hilly parts in Sabah, especially the lengthy stretches, must be upgraded into at least a three-lane road for safety and convenient usage.

We have received complaints and we have gone for close observation on these roads and indeed, the single-lane or even two lane roads on hilly parts like those in the Tuaran - Ranau and the Kota Belud - Kudat are in great need of upgrading.

The current single-lane not only is unsafe to overtake slow and heavy vehicles, motorists also are forced to spend more time and fuel on the road as a result of unnecessary jam while climbing a hill.

It would be easier for motorists if these roads are wider to accommodate a three-lane, making it comfortable for over-taking, therefore easing the road of safety issues. There should be overtaking lane and a lane for heavier vehicles like lorries in these hilly parts

Star just could not understand why the state and federal governments failed to appreciate this fact despite their so-called good relationship with each other. The good relationship, as vouched by Chief Minister Musa Aman should be reflected on improvement on these hilly roads, of which Sabah geographic is so endowed with.

Take the Ranau road for example, Masidi Manjun must have realised my points, but somehow neglected to call for the federal to fund the enlarging and widening of these important stretches.

And take the Kota Kinabalu - Tambunan single-lane road all the way from the state capital to Tambunan, why can't Tambunan assemblyman, Joseph Pairin Kitingan, persuade PM Najib Razak to widen it into a three lane, especially on the hilly part, if he so enjoys Najib and Musa's confidence?

If it is true that Najib has an ear for Pairin, prove it now before the general election. I mean everybody else must have realised the need for the KK - Tambunan road to be upgraded. Or is Pairin too detached from us till he could not see the points?

We challenge Musa, Pairin and Masidi to please respond on this one, or else you guys are now just ashamed of your own failure. Tell us your take on these simple issue of motorists' need i have just raised. What do you say or pledge now that election is near... It has been decades and these roads are so obsolete in comparison with the traffic needs of the day.

The Federal collected tax alone to the tune of RM22 billion annually from Sabah, so there should be no reason not to do it for the rakyat. On top of that, we need more funds for road maintenance as bad roads in Sabah are shortening the life span of our vehicles compared to those in Malaya.

It is a triple tragedy for us in Sabah as we have to fork out more money to buy our vehicles as they are more expensive here than in Malaya, on top of the facts our roads are in bad shape, and that fuels and motor parts and maintenance are more expensive here.


  1. mana2 jalan perlu mempunyai laluan lebih byk dan luas.

  2. ini bagi memastikan jalan lebih selamat dan kurang sesak.

  3. Jalan Tamparuli-Kundasang-Ranau-Telupid pun banyak yang sempit. kadang2 bila ada kenderaan berat memang sukar untuk overtake.

  4. Naiktaraf jalan pasti akan dilaksanakan dari masa ke semasa.

  5. Good suggestion from Star on upgrading the hilly roads to three lane roads for increased safety, maybe they can propose this to the Public Works Department for approval.

  6. The Sabah and Federal Government have given many allocations to upgrade various roads in the state, hopefully there will be better roads for the local users in the near future.

    1. I advise drivers to exercise caution and take safety measures when on the road. Pairin also welcomed the federal government’s decision to make airbags compulsory in private vehicles for national cars

  7. There are more than 179 ‘death traps’ that have been identified in Sabah where road accidents often occur.Deputy Chief Minister, Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan said the Public Works Department would take appropriate action to reduce the occurrence of accidents along these stretches of roads. He announced that the number of road accidents in Sabah rose slightly last year compared to 2009, at 2.4%.

  8. good opinion by STAR. For the certain way need to upgrade to minimum is three lanes.

  9. Mengenai perkara ini. Rasanya patut jugalah menyediakan kemudahan jalan yang sesuai dan memang perlu jika benar-benar dapat membantu.

  10. saya sangat setuju dengan cadangan ni.. sebagai pengguna jalanraya, kadang2 rasa rimas juga bila sepanjang perjalan asyik berada di belakang lori2 besar..

  11. walaupun cadangan ini memerlukan peruntukkan yang besar, namun ianya agak berbaloi untuk keselamatan pengguna jalanraya di negeri ini..