Wednesday, 17 April 2013


SPONSOR......Sabah Federations of Chinese Vice President and Women's Bureau Chief Datuk Agnes Shim, Sabah Health Department Director Dr Christina Rundi (ninth right) along with private sponsor representatives from Medik Link Sdn Bhd; Sabah Urban Development Corporation; Parti Gerakan Malaysia Sabah; Global Peace Loving Family (GPLF); Pergerakan Wanita MCA; Sabah Credit Corporation, Sabah Woman & Children's Hospital Board of Visitors(SWACH) together with hospital officers and staff.


AT THE 'Women Wellness Day Campaign' held at the Likas Hospital yesterday co-organiser of the event, Datuk Agnes Shim repeated her earlier calls to women to take care of their health in a proactive way by having regular checkups to detect potential health problems before they become serious.

She said women must make time for routine health checkups and screenings to ward off life threatening illnessessuch as breast and cervical cancers.

Alarmingly, according to a National Cancer Registry Report released by the Health Ministry in 2007, 1 in 20 women are more likely to suffer from breast cancer, while cervical cancers is the third most common cancer in the country. However, the chances of surviving these diseases are good if they are detected early.

Leading the fight against non-communicable diseases, the Sabah Women & Children's Hospital (SWACH) led by Dr Soon Ruey launched the Women's Wellness Day campaign at Hospital Likas on Saturday to provide free health checkups for women, with special emphasis on breast and cervical cancer prevention.

Now in it's eight consecutive year, the campaign was also jointly organised by the Sabah Branch of the Malaysian Chinese Association(MCA), Federation of Chinese Association Sabah (FCAS) and the Population and Family Department (LPPKN), to ensure women get preventative screening to protect themselves against these diseases.

Speaking at this year’s wellness day event, Datuk Agnes also underlined the importance of spreading awareness among young women of the availability of HPV vaccinations which provides optimal protection against Human Papilloma Virus, a major cause of cervical cancer.

Agnes also lauded the various private sponsors for donating more than RM 260,000 in the first quarter of 2013 to the hospital's Board of Visitors headed by Dr Pamela Yong, to buy medical and non-medical equipment for the benefit of staff and patients.

"It is heartwarming to see so many generous contributors  stepping forward to help the hospital. This generous support from the civil community will enhance the effectiveness and efficacy of the healthcare system," she said.

Director of Sabah Health Department Dr Christina Rundi said the campaign not only promotes awareness on women's health, but also provides a one-stop center for women to access proper health check-ups and medical treatment.

During the campaign, the hospital received new medical equipment which includes two haemodialysis machines worth RM90,000 from Sabah Credit Corporation, an infant incubator worth RM 39,500 from MCA Women's Movement Chairman Datuk Agnes Shim, and a portable pulse oximetre by Medik Link Sabah.

In addition, SWACH organising chairperson Dr Pamela Yong also presented two units of Philips CTG Avalon machines costing Rm 40,000, and an airway gas analyser worth RM 45, 000.

The hospital also received a total of RM33,900 in donations from Sabah Urban Corporation, Parti Gerakan Malaysia Sabah and Global Peace Loving Family (GPLF).

Also present during the event were SWACH director Dr Tan Bee Hwai, medical staff and members of the organising commitee. (Insight Sabah)

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