Monday, 15 April 2013


PAINTING.....Minister of Plantation and Commodities Bernard Dompok painting the walls of the flat. Under the My Beautiful Neighbourhood Program, the flat will be fully repainted.


OF LATE the Federal Government has embarked on a new initiative called  'My Beautiful Neighborhood' to give a face lift to certain flats and buildings to improve the image of the city and its surrounding areas.

The My Beautiful Neighbourhood program comes under the National Blue Ocean Strategy and was officially launched in July 2012 to cover 21 areas nationwide that have been identified as needing assistance.

The program targets housing projects that are old and dilapidated.

In Sabah, the ERHP Housing in Taman Keramat will be receiving this facelift.

According to Minister of Plantation and Commodities, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok who launched the program at Taman Keramat today, the flats will undergo repair and the communal areas will be given a facelift. Some of other problems facing the low cost flats will also be attended to in the exercise.

Amongst the work that will be done at the ERHP Housing includes repainting of the whole building, rewiring as well as repairing of broken windows and roofs. In addition, upgrading work on the drainage system as well as roads leading to the housing area will also be carried out.

A futsal court will also be built, as well as a badminton court.

According to Tan Sri Dompok, the government has allocated approximately RM2, 247, 982 to facilitate the upgrading works at the ERHP Housing.

 UPLIFT.....The ERHP Housing at Taman Keramat

He advised occupants to cooperate with the government in ensuring that once upgrading work has been completed, the new ERHP Housing will be well taken care of and maintained.

“If this building and facilities are are not taken care of, and vandalism is still rampant, then the work done here would have gone to waste and the government’s efforts will be futile,” he said. (Insight Sabah)

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