Tuesday, 9 April 2013


SABAH DAP State Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie commented that even before the announcement of dissolution of Parliament and State Assemblies, some political parties have taken the liberty of breaking the regulations or law by putting up their party flags all over the Kota Kinabalu City.

Some parties have even put up banners to start ‘hammering and waging’ on their opponents even before the Election Commission (SPR) announces the nomination and election dates.

The SPR should give a stern warning or even to disqualify them from contesting, because they took the laws in their own hand. How can we elect “law-breakers” to be our representatives and head the future government?

The Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK) has reminded all political parties intending to put up flags, poster, billboards, banners and other forms of election advertisements should apply for permits before or during the campaigning period of the upcoming 13th General Elections. These parties had ignored all this.

Edward pointed out that the SAPP, STAR and BN have been putting up the flags many months ago, and it is only now that the Mayor of DBKK is reminding political parties not to put up election advertisements.

The Mayor should have just proceed to do his job and enforce that law by instructing his enforcement officers to remove all forms of election or political party advertisements that have been put up prior to the nomination and campaigning period officially announced by SPR.

This reflected the Mayor did not execute his job according to the power entrusted to him. It looked more like he is taking side, and why only the DAP flags were removed even before and after their functions. Stern warning was given to DAP if flags were not removed by them and a fine would be imposed.

The Mayor emphasized that as per requirements, an advertisement deposit of RM2,000 for Parliamentary and RM1,000 for State candidates are required and the deposit must be paid before any forms of advertisements can be put up.

Edward said, there should not be a double-standard, one for the government and preferred candidates and the other for non-preferred and opposition candidates.

If the authorities cannot perform their jobs swiftly and efficiently without fear or favor, they must step down, resign and be replaced. The laws and regulations must be enforced by DBKK, otherwise this will look like they are having preference to certain parties.

Suddenly, to the surprise of many, SAPP had put two of their party flags straight in front of the DAP Sabah State Advisor Hiew King Cheu’s office in Foh Sang. Their purpose is seen to be trying to provoke the DAP, but the general public saw this action as a case of child-play and it has demonstrated the foul attitude and very un-gentlemen. It is more like an act of a rascal. Is this an instruction from the leaders of SAPP?

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