Wednesday, 3 April 2013


“ISSUING Sabah MyKads to Sabahans is the most practical way to distinguish between the genuine Malaysians of Sabah origin and the new Malaysian Sabahans who probably obtained their MyKads by dubious means said Amde Sidik, the Deputy President of Sabah Progressive Party-SAPP.

The administration for this purpose could be undertaken by the government agency or may be under the jurisdiction of Registrar of Native Courts, he said.

The President of UPKO Tan Sri Bernard Dompok said  (Daily Express 02/04.2013) reissuing of MyKad for Sabahans is not impossible even though Minister in the Prime Minister Mohd Nazi Abdul Aziz said it would be difficult for Federal Government to issue new MyKad for Sabah.

“I can see that suggestion by Tan Sri Bernard Dompok is a bit cumbersome, administratively it involves recalling and reissuing which is Putrajaya in full control, I would think Sabah people are more knowledgeable in as far understanding the people in this part of the country even if it’s PR the Federal Government, he said.

MyKad Sabah is one of the five main topics in SAPP manifestos.

Sabah had done it before and no complication with the law of the country.

The usefulness of Sabah Mykad among others are when we are dealing with matters that affect the basic rights of being Sabahans, again our reference is what being agreed in Malaysia agreement of 1963. For examples, landmatters,scholarship awards, licenses, permits, welfares benefits and other forms of awards to bone fideSabahans.

Look at the distribution of BRIM500 or few others many local didn’t even get those benefits, whilst the new Malaysians including Pakistanis and Indonesians-Malaysians have littledifficulty in getting government’s facilities according to Amde.

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