Friday, 12 April 2013



WHETHER you are old or young, woman or man, you are under a serious obligation to vote from your heart and soul for the candidate you believe will bring Malaysia towards the fundamental goal that was set out for the nation by one of the most powerful leaders this country has ever known: VISION 2020.

We can call the journey transformation or reformation, it makes no difference if in five years’ time we are left in the same state of total stagnation where people are dying for change and frustrated with the lack of progress.

BN is obligated to revamp their entire structure to be more progressive and relevant to the youth because the demographics show that more than 75% of this nation is below pensionable age. Our leaders should therefore reflect those demographics and be representative of what our youth would want.

From my own observations and understanding there are many out there who will vote under protest because they are fed up of incumbents who have warmed their seats for too long. This is the same whether you are a BN or a PR candidate.

This election is no longer about parties because the voters actually believe that both BN and PR are capable of leading the government. What the nation is truly searching for are young, charismatic leaders and the nation is filled to the brim with such potential people under the age of 50 but old leaders are not paving the way for them and they have not been groomed to take over and pull this country to first world status.

The change we are all looking for is a total overhaul of the political parties where people would like to see voluntary mass retirements from politicians who ought to by now be getting a reality check and not just a health check.

PRU 13 is about making way for the youth and that’s who we should be voting for –YOUNG LEADERS. These are young men and women who were brought up by women in the era of empowerment i.e. 1960s and 1970s. These are the leaders who are unlikely to be chauvinistic or bigoted in their views and they have a role to play in global and national politics.

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