Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Dear Editor,

ONE Sunday I saw this ridiculous Malaysian street scene near the roundabout at Australia Place, Kota Kinabalu. The street was rather jammed that morning because of the weekly Gaya Street market where the closed Gaya St would cause traffic jams on all the other streets including the main road of Jalan Tunku Abd Rahman that joins the Jalan Bypass.

The ridiculous incident was the attempt to squeeze the large tourist bus led by a police car through this street which is already jammed.

1. Who the hell were the VIPs inside this tourist bus?
2.  If they were really VIPs, why not use smaller vehicle which can be practically squeezed through two rows of vehicles? Ambulances and VIP mercedes can be done but big tourist bus?

Here are the simple physical dimensions. The total width of the two lane road is 6 metres. Average width of cars and other vehicle (excluding tourist coaches)  = 1.8 metres

So if you ask the two rows of vehicles to move close to the edge of the road you will have a space left as follows:  6 - 2x 1.8 = 2.4 metres. Width of the tourist bus = 2.5 metres.

Hence no matter how the police yell at the ordinary motorist to move to the edge of the road, there is still not enough width for the big bus. Then the bus was only able to move when the fast lane was able to move out of the jam.

Therefore I conclude that only in Malaysia we still have nincompoops running this country and causing misery to the ordinary people.

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