Sunday, 14 April 2013


SAPP Yong is so confused about his real opponents when he challenged DAP to debate with him in the run up to the 13th General Elections. Instead he should focus his attention at the Barisan Nasional (BN), his ex-colleague, in his challenges for debates, because BN parties in Sabah are his real foes.

Hiew King Cheu, the DAP Sabah Advisor said Yong must have forgotten that he is an opposition now and already out of BN. If he wants to make any impact, he ought to challenge to debate on issues and policies with his BN ex-colleagues and especially Musa Aman, Joseph Pairin or Bernard Dompok whom he had been working together for donkey years.

These people who run the government should be his target.  Is he out to prove that he can win some Sabah state and parliament seats and use it to go back to BN after the election, and hopes to be reappointed to become Chief Minister?

Najib’s recent statement that pro-BN politicians may contest on BN ticket should already ring a bell for him. Yong had in the past said that he has no quarrel with Najib or Mahathir, but Badawi had failed him, that was the reason SAPP left BN. PBS has also sounded out that he and SAPP should consider to knock on PBS door when Pakatan Rakyat closed the doors on him.

Hiew further said that SAPP is only contesting in Sabah for some state seats, what is Yong trying to prove? Can SAPP win all the 60 state seats for them to challenge Malaysia for the Borneo autonomy? And how many parliament seats is SAPP going to contest to make any impact in the national politics?

So, SAPP Yong wants to carry out debate with fellow opposition parties which have no impact on the BN. He is only trying to flex his muscles and show off his debating skills (if he has any).

The issues today should be together focused on the failures of the BN government. Unfortunately, Yong has totally misaimed his target, why should he bark at the wrong tree? Therefore, he is irrelevant, not focused and he totally missed the point, or is he doing this for the BN.

Do the people want a leader like a “headless chicken” to manage their government, or do the people want a leader who has a steady and strong character? Yong was a chief Minister between 1996 and 1998, what has he done to command respect and trust for him? 

So, it is pointless, useless and a waste of time and effort to debate with him in their coffee-shop talk, because this will not achieve anything. The DAP leaders have better thing to do.

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