Tuesday, 6 August 2013

NEW SABAH MINISTRY PROPOSED (Ministry of Energy, Water and Green Technology)


A new Sabah state ministry is required to strengthen the administrative efficiency of the Sabah State Government in the aspect of power and water supply, as proposed by the Luyang Assemblyman Hiew King Cheu.

Hiew is in view that the need of a new Sabah state ministry to undertake the responsibility to ensure that the power supply and the water supply in the state are being managed and handled with utmost care for the benefit of the Sabahan. In Sabah, these two very important public utilities are constantly giving problems and inconveniences to the people for the past many decades.

The situation has not improved very much even though the Sabah State and Federal Government are trying to put in effort to upgrade the facilities. Both of the supplies are far too low when compared to the ever increasing demand.

The need to form a new ministry to manage these two important public utilities has become an essential and necessary part in the operation of the state government. It will be more efficient and effective if the new ministry can be set up to undertake the management of our power and water supply directly and independently. This new ministry will then be able to relief the responsibilities of the water and power supply which are partially undertaken by some of the existing ministries in the state government. Likewise in the Federal Government, there is a separately ministry directly in charge of the energy and water. This Federal Ministry is also taking care of some of the work and allocation in Sabah.

The green technology shall be placed under this new ministry, so that the matters related to area can be undertaken and dealt with by the new ministry. The green technology can include renewable energy which will be widely used in our water and power supply. Renewable energy has a very wide scope which includes the sun, wind, river, wave and even geo-thermo energy. The most common are the sun, river (hydro) and wind. In Sabah, we have many suitable rivers which have a very high potential in using to generate cheap hydro electricity.

If the Sabah State Government and the Chief Minister would consider this as a viable proposal, then a new ministry can be established to pave way to solve the long outstanding water and power supply problem. The new ministry can be named as Sabah Ministry of Energy, Water and Green Technology. It is the hope of the people that the government can set up such a new ministry so that someone will be directly in charge to improve the water and power supply in Sabah.

Since the power and water supply are closely related to green technology, and it is the future trend that the green technology will be developed for extensive usage in the generating power and in the water supply industry, therefore we should start now to plan for the future needs in Sabah. 

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