Thursday 29 November 2012


A WALK about and meet the public session had been carried out by Andrew Lee, Special Assistant to KK MP at the Sinsuran Philipino Market here in Kota Kinabalu City. An inspection was carried out in and around the KK wet market area. It confirmed that the public complaints concerning various matters here that needed urgent attention are true, and indeed needed much to do and to upgrade the city central market and the surrounding areas.

However, that will be the job for the City Hall - DBKK to implement measures to improve things in & around the market. During the site inspection, we found that street lights at the market parking bays & between the fish market and the main market are dysfunctional.

We were made to understand by business operators here that these street lights had been dysfunctional for almost a year now. DBKK officers were notified however they replied by saying that they will repair, but no action so far.

With these dysfunctional street lights, DBKK is putting the public at risks and exposing them to danger and risk when night falls. The 100 metre stretch of road, DBKK must take full responsibility and to ensure all street lights around the area are in good working condition. Public safety must be placed as priority before any unexpected incidents happen, such as "rape, snatch theft, murder, drugs, immoral activity etc..."

Sabah DAP urges DBKK to make all the necessary steps to uplift the facilities here and be careful when utilizing public funds for the benefit of the public. This is why DBKK is being given the lowest mark by the Auditor General on its bad financial management. KK city does not need any more beautification projects such as the irrelevant "Multi Million Sembulan River Park" project which does not serve the purpose and lest than fifty visitors visits the property each day and not to mention the unbearable foul smell from the dirty drain water.

Sabah DAP KKMP office is observing and evaluating the performance of DBKK's overall performance and reliability. There is much to be done in the city and  it is disappointing and sad to know that DBKK is not  managing the city well.

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