Thursday 29 November 2012


PUTATAN – Flood situation in Putatan has been troubling businesses in the area due to its poor drainage system. Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) N.17 Tanjung Aru, upon hearing complaints from the shop operators especially the area surrounding the front row of shops near the shopping mall found the area was flooded.

Its CLC chairman Datuk Richard Yong We Kong said the cause of flooding was due to the construction of Putatan town’s drainage system was not thorough.

According to him, these problems have been highlighted four months ago on the rubbish filled clogged drains where water cannot flow smoothly.

Unfortunately Putatan District Council does not take appropriate action to improve and solve the problem. This bad situation has caused financial wastage, causing inconvenience and difficulties to the local residents and business traders alike.

“Every time it rains flooding will hit in many areas in Putatan. SAPP will ensure an effective planning will be explored to overcome the problems faced by improving irrigation and drainage system for the convenience of people Putatan area,” Richard stressed.

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