Monday 26 November 2012


SEX....Edward point to the illegal ads.

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah DAP Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie said the local authorities must emulate the action taken by their counterpart in West Malaysia on illegal advertisements as this can be done under the Communication and Multimedia Act 1998.

Edward claimed that in West Malaysia, the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has supported an enforcement action  to tackle illegal advertisements in their respective jurisdiction.

“There is no reason for the local authorities in Sabah not to emulate this step to take the necessary action on all  illegal advertisements put up by ‘Ah Long’, and many other illegal trades,” he said.

The services offered in the illegal advertisements are sex services, Astro installation and money-lending among others.

Edward said if the local authorities and DBKL in West Malaysia had succeeded in taking action against these illegal advertisements and canceled 472 telephone numbers used by them with cooperation from MCMC, there should be no excuses from the local authorities, especially  DBKK in Sabah by saying that there was no provision and laws to enforce this. (BP)

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