Tuesday 29 January 2013


CARD ....Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Dr.Yee Moh Chai receiving the mock membership card from Darwin Tan (middle), SEA founder and chairperson and Alvis Loo Mun Yew (2nd right) SEED Project Director.


TO BE successful, entrepreneurs should relate with people who share similar interests and expertise to allow for entwining of ideas and experiences.

In an effort to drive entrepreneurship, the Sabah West Coast Entrepreneur Association (SEA) launched the Sabah Entrepreneur Ecosystem Link (SEEDLINK) which provides a networking platform for entrepreneurs to develop beneficial relations with prospective partners.

With over 200 affiliate members and 3,000 business contacts, the non-profit organisation offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to advance their ideas and work together with prospective parties to generate new products and services.

“This is another major step forward for local entrepreneurs and a valuable opportunity to form strategic partnerships with people sharing similar interest, expertise and resources to turn their ideas into reality,” Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk Yee Moh Chai said after officiating the event on Friday at Wisma Bandaraya.

More than 100 entrepreneurs, community leaders and other interested parties were among those who attended the event. 

SEA President Darwin Tan said entrepreneurs need a diversified network to tap into a wider business groups to gain exposure and a better understanding of the market.

“We welcome everyone to join because the bigger the network grows, the stronger it becomes and this provides members with an even larger pool of resources, expertise and contacts.

"In addition, we also provide training, seminars, and workshops to develop skills, knowledge and competencies,” he added.

At the same time, Darwin said the move is also part of a vision to promote social enterprises in Sabah which use business strategies  and innovative solutions to address socio-economic issues.

The Malaysian Social Business Alliance defines social enterprises as "businesses with a social focus that aims not only to derive financial returns from business enterprises but also engender social returns to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities."

The event also marked the official launching of a fundraising campaign which plans to raise RM1 million to form the Sabah Entrepreneur Foundation known as SEED Foundation to empower entrepreneurship development programmes throughout Sabah.

Datuk Yee Moh Chai, who is also Minister of Information Technology and Resource Development said the government values the contribution of entrepreneurs to the economy and called on budding entrepreneurs to join the association.

“Entrepreneurs play a central role in bringing on innovations and they occupya pivotal role in generating economic growth through the creation of new industries and jobs,’ he added.

SEED Project Director, Alvis Loo said the project welcomes contributions and sponsorships from any individual, Small-medium enterprises and even multinational corporations in the country.

He advices members of the public who seek  further information about Seedlink and SEED Foundation to contact Membership Director Chong at 010-8026333 or Alvis at 017-3635890. (Insight Sabah)

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