Friday 31 August 2012


“THE STATE Government has failed Sabah’s founding fathers in failing to commemorate the 49th anniversary of Sabah Independence on 31 August,” said Melvin Jaikul Datuk Imbayan, STAR Keningau Division Vice-Chief while overseeing the preparations for the 49th commemoration by STAR Sabah to be held in Keningau on 31st.

Efforts of Founding Fathers on Independence Not Acknowledged

Sabah’s history and independence cannot and should not be denied by the current State government.  Why should the independence of Sabah on 31 August 1963 be relegated to the annals of history and covered up?  

The independence of any nation is, one of the proudest and most important, if not, the proudest and most important day in the nation’s history and is openly acknowledged and celebrated together with the nation’s father of independence and founding fathers. 

Similarly, the efforts of Bapa Kemerdekaan Sabah, Tun Datu Mustapha Datu Harun, and Tun Fuad Stephens and other founding fathers, who were instrumental in securing Sabah’s independence should not be ignored or belittled.

By failing to commemorate and celebrate Sabah’s independence, the State government has openly failed to acknowledge the efforts of our founding fathers.

State Government Should Commemorate and Celebrate

The independence of Sabah should be openly acknowledged and celebrated.  The State government should commemorate and celebrate Sabah Independence Day every 31st August.

It is sad that the State government has failed to acknowledge and commemorate the 49th anniversary of Sabah Independence this year.   It is sadder still that none of the BN leaders have voiced their acknowledgement of Sabah’s independence and the efforts of our founding fathers.  

Saddest of all, the BN leaders and State government will be celebrating the 55th anniversary of Malaya’s independence on a big scale with the full works for celebrations thrown in including parades and fireworks.

If not for the voices and efforts of the opposition, it would appear that Sabah Independence Day would have been forgotten.

The early Sabah governments have always recognized Sabah Independence Day and have issued commemorative coins to mark Sabah’s independence as can be seen in the attached photo.

The current State government should take affirmative actions to acknowledge Sabah’s independence and put the facts of history right and take any positive action to commemorate or recognize Sabah Independence Day, more so as 1st September 2012 will mark the commencement of the golden jubilee year of Sabah Independence.

As for the people of Sabah, all are invited for the commemoration of the 49th anniversary of Sabah Independence on 31 August at the Keningau Town Padang starting at 7.30 am.  On the commemoration, Melvin said that STAR Sabah also wish to thank the relevant authorities in particular the police and the district council for granting the relevant approvals for the various events to be held.

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