Wednesday 29 August 2012



“SABAH will mark and commemorate the 49th anniversary of Sabah Independence on 31 August 2012 with a convoy of vehicles from Tambunan starting at 7.30 am. to Keningau town where a parade will be held at the Town Padang commencing 8.30 am.  The commemoration will end with a Luncheon cum Hari Raya Open House at the Restoran Pelancongan Pedalaman, Keningau at 12.00 noon” announced Dr. Nicholas James Guntobon, Organizing Chairman of the events in a press statement released today.

Although the commemoration will be held, it can be said that the festivities will be without joy if we look at the sad state of affairs inflicted upon Sabah since its independence in 1963.

Independence of Sabah on 31 August 1963  

However, it is important that the people of Sabah should be informed and enlightened of the actual history of Sabah and stop the twisting of the facts of history by our leaders to suit their political interests without consideration of the real and inconvenient truth that Sabah gained its independence on 31 August 1963.

Independence Day of a nation is one of the most important and celebrated event.   Rightly, the Sabah government should celebrate Sabah Independence Day and should not bow to the imposition of the celebration of the 55th year of Malayan Independence which has no relevance or meaning for Sabahans.

Despite all the recent misgivings and public outcry on the non-recognition of Sabah Independence Day, it is sad that the Sabah government has failed to listen to the voice of the people and has failed to take any positive action to commemorate or recognize Sabah Independence Day this 31st August.

All Malaysians Invited for Sabah 49th Year Do

As a responsible organization and political party, STAR Sabah has no alternative not only to initiate the several planned events to commemorate Sabah Independence Day this 31st August but also to take an affirmative step to put things right regarding Sabah Independence and stop the nonsense of twisting the facts of history.

STAR Sabah take the opportunity to invite all Malaysians to attend the Independence commemoration events and share in the commemoration of this year’s Sabah Independence.  

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