Thursday 30 June 2011


Dear Editor,

REFER to the news today, it is proactive move to solve the long standing Strata Title problem in Sabah. Forming committees to fix strata title could benefit many strata title property owners to enhance and promote marketability of properties.

The problem of late issuance of strata title existed for ages and never show any significant improvement. For example, Inanam shoplots, Block A-D built in 70s could not issue strata title due to lots of red tape.

It is hope that the committee would take into account all factors and improve the efficiency of related delivery system. Collaboration with all parties in properties lines. Feedback from private sectors and professionals will help to form a practical and comprehensive legislation.

The committee should not rely on development of strata title in Peninsular but consider strata title legislation adopted in Singapore and other countries proven efficiency in strata title.

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